1st Strathmore Scouts

136 Lebanon St. Strathmore - Melway ref: 16 E7

Our Meeting Times

girls and boys, aged 8 - 10 years 
Thursday       7.00pm  to  8.30pm

girls and boys, aged 11 -14 years
Wednesday  7.15pm  to  9.00pm 

girls and boys aged 14 -17 years
Friday 7.30  to  9.30pm
(at other halls - See Venturer Page)

Which Group?

If you are not sure  which Group is closest to you click on the link below and this page will provide the information:

search the Vicscouts database for your closest group

Want to join?

If you choose to join the world Scouting movement, your child will start on a journey of adventure, challenge and excitement. Through the coming years, Scouting will offer your child many opportunities to learn by doing and to develop and use the skills of leadership, initiative, self-reliance and independence.

Contact Group Leader for further information on membership of the 1st Strathmore Scout Group.

More information on current fees

Last modified  8 June 2015

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